How to Paint a Room with Low Light

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

If you are considering doing some painting in your home and are faced with a room that just doesn’t have that much light, you do have some painting options that will work well in this situation.  While you would think that painting a darker room with very light colors would be the way to go, professional painters actually take a different approach.  Painting a low light room with dark colors is also a poor decision.  The best option for low light rooms is typically mid-tone paints.

Dark Paint Colors – Rooms that don’t have a great deal of light will end up looking worse if you attempt to use dark colors.  Remember that the paint on a swatch won’t always look that way on your walls in certain lighting situations.  Dark colors will look great in a room that has lots of natural light or large windows, but rooms with low light will seem gloomy and depressing if you paint them with dark colors.

Light Paint Colors – Very light colors and pale colors are just as bad as dark colors in rooms with low light.  While it might seem like painting a darker room with light colors would somehow reverse the problem and make the room seem lighter, what light colors will actually end up doing is making the walls in the room look dirty.  Lighter colors usually need a significant amount of natural light in order for them to be seen correctly.  That’s why rooms that get a lot of natural light and/or have large windows are usually painted in light colors.  The other problem with light colors is that the color you see on a paint swatch will look much different on your walls without adequate natural light.

Mid-Tone Paint Colors – Mid-tone colors are the colors that are basically between light colors and dark colors on a color strip.  What’s great about them is that their color is deep enough to allow the actual color to be seen during the night and during the day.  Mid-tones typically provide color warmth in low light rooms, while striking a perfect balance between being too dark or too light.  Unlike dark colors, they will not make a low light room seem gloomy or depressing, and unlike light colors, they will not make the walls look like they are dirty.

You can always experiment with different colors before actually committing to any one color for a room.  One way of experimenting is to paint a few walls with different color options to see if you like some better than others.  This way, you can avoid painting an entire room, only to discover that you can’t stand the color.

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